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Protection Security Investigation Surveillance Countersurveillance

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External services and in place support are offered within 200-250 Km. from our headquarter

 Antistalking, anti-abuse, anti-harassment, control of unwanted approaches for security purposes 

 Professional covert GPS tracking & GPS tails


 Starlight covert video surveillance from cars. Continuous video recording. 4G live-straming video via professional Cloud P2P  

 Anti-sabotage, anti-vandalism, estate defense



 Anthropometry: JPG image processed. Image cut and reduced for privacy

 BTS cell coverage analysis and BTS area mapping


 1. Original frame obtained by a covert micro-camera in very critical conditions: thick haze, excessive distance and darkness. JPG image cut and reduced for privacy


 2. Processed frame: the job has given a major turn to the investigations in progress. JPG image cut and reduced for privacy

Android App development

 App Android Electronet: WhatsApp monitoring (online status)

 App Android GpWeb 1.3 Electronet: GPS tracking on WEB platform

 App Android Electronet: monitoring, search, GUI trilateration and tracking hystory based on BTS-ID

 App Android Electronet: GPS tracking via SMS with automatic Google navigation to the target position

Renting & operations

AN30 VIS Covert Internet cameras via Internet 3G/4G (SIM card - no WiFi required)

Video monitoring system Starlight 3 zoom 50x at 200 meters distance. Video live streaming via Internet 4G (SIM card) e videorecording

Video monitoring system from a car: videorecording and video live streaming via Internet 4G+ (SIM card) at 1080 pixel - Hi-Res. Starlight microcamera 0.0001 Lux


Video monitoring. Video live streaming via Internet 3G/4G (SIM card) + videorecording with V.I.S. system, quickly placed on a road pole with magnets (public area). Remote videorecording dowload. Up to 15 days battery life

Video monitoring
. Bush area under V.I.S. control. Video live streaming via Internet 3G/4G (SIM card) + videorecording. Motion detection alerts and remote videorecording download. Up to 30 days battery life

AN70: mm. 45x35x8 GPS tracker, covert videorecording inside vehicles, audio/video live streaming

AN50 Internet Camera 3G/4G SIM card. Wonderful for jobs where min. size and max. practicality are a must

REC50: covert audio recorder with automatic files upload to cloud + GPS tracker + remote live listening (GSM bug function)

Trasponder video 4G SIM card w/Starlight 0.0001 Lux microcamera. Various CCTV lenses from 2.1 to 50mm. Professional P2P server. ADSL, fast WiFi or 4G+ mobile Internet connection are required


 Bug sweeping: Cayman bug detector

 First line devices for bug sweeping  

 An outstanding bug discovery inside a car

 Anti-tail & anti-investigation

 Ongoing car bug sweeping

Deleted data recovery with Cellebrite UFED

Smartphone check and sweeping (Spy-Phone Apps and other security issues)


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