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  Production and sale of GPS trackers and other intelligence devices. Wide range of products and services for investigations. About us... 

English translation is in progress. For any info please contact us.

Main intelligence devices
Pro Line

Microregistratori investigativi professionali
Covert voice recorders 
Up to 6 months stand-by and 270 hrs. recording. Tiny size, from 43x17x6,8mm. See covert micro voice recorders...

micro videoregistratori professionali
Covert DVR
Up to 5 months stand-by and 20 hrs. videorecording. Tiny size, from 35x33x23mm. See covert micro DVR...

Localizzatori satellitari GPS professionali
GPS trackers
GPS trackers designed and manufactured for intelligence purposes. No-SIM card versions and audio recording versions also available. See GPS trackers...

Microspie GSM professionali
GSM listening bugs
Long lasting GSM bugs. Months of battery life in stand-by. Also with audio recording function. See GSM listening bugs...

Microcamere professionali
Covert 3G/4G cameras
Audio/video live streaming with internal SIM card (no WiFi required). UMTS videotelephony or Internet 3G/4G versions. See covert 3G/4G cameras...

Other intelligence devices
Pro line

Microspie ambientali e telefoniche
VHF UHF radio bugs
VHF/UHF short range radio bugs. See VHF UHF radio bugs...

Bonificatori e rilevatori microspie
Bug detectors
Bug sweeping. Protection against eavesdroppings. See bug detectors...

Microfoni da muro
Wall contact microphones
Wall contact mics & directional mics. See wall contact microphones...

Sistemi video per indagini e microcamere
Video systems
Microcameras and other video systems for professionals. See video systems...

Logger registratori tastiere PC
Computer monitoring
Covert devices to record keystrokes on PC keyboards. See computer monitoring...

Logger satellitari GPS
GPS loggers
Long lasting covert recording of trips, places and stops. See GPS loggers...

Auricolari induttivi esami concorsi
Coms earpieces
Tiny earpieces for covert communications with live video broadcasting. See coms earpieces...

NO SIM card devices

Pro line
Localizzatori satellitari senza sim
Realtime GPS trackers NO SIM card. 
A new concept of covert GPS tracking and tails that combines secrecy and simplicity. Special GPS trackers with virtual e-chips invisible from the outside and not accessible even if the device is disassembled or destroyed. Data traffic included. WEB platform included. No personal data required. No more SIM management, rates and/or monthly renewals.

Micro registratore audio WiFi
REC50W WiFi Cloud Recorder NO SIM card.
Advanced covert audio recorder. Connects to the Internet via WiFi. Automatically send audio recording files to Cloud for immediate listening and/or downloading. No SIM card required. Internal data encrypted. Transmission over the Internet in SSL mode. Password protected. Also available in a special 3G / 4G SIM card version.

Logger satellitari GPS
GPS loggers (covert trip recorders) NO SIM card.
The GPS loggers behave like recorders. They record hundreds of hours of trips with GPS satellite precision. Up to one year stand-by. They do not generate radio waves and do not have SIM cards. Tiny and discreet GPS systems, protected by encoded USB cable.

 Countermeasures & privacy
Antispionaggio controspionaggio
Espionage suspicions? Countermeasures are no longer only dealt with bug detectors: requires solutions and services.

 Investigative computer science
Informatica investigativa informatica forense
Information technology is in the core of investigations, both institutional and in the context of DIY.

 People security & control
Localizzatori satellitari GPS anziani disabili tracker
GPS trackers for personal security and tracking of non-cooperating people.

 Vandalism theft sabotage
Investigazioni anti vandalismi indagini furti sabotaggi
Specific cameras to investigate for the protection of private, corporate and public assets.

 Unfaithful & infidelity
Investigazioni infedeltà coniugale indagini tradimenti
Microrecorders, GPS trackers, GSM bugs and other solutions to investigate suspects in the private sphere.

Minors protection
Microspie localizzatori GPS tutela minori spyphone
GPS trackers, spyphone, microrecorders and other solutions to investigate suspects of drugs, bullying, cyber-bullying, abuses.

Investigazioni stalking indagini molestie
Specific cameras, covert microrecorders, customized GPS trackers. Also in cooperation with law firms.

Investigazioni maltrattamenti anziani indagini abusi percosse
Specific covert video bugs & installations in place to investigate suspects. Domestic workers, health personnel.

...and more to investigate, discover, decide.

English translation is in progress. For any info please contact us.

Electronet - Intelligence devices since 1998

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