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Electronet Italy - Intelligence Solutions. We turn investigation in success since 1998.

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Main intelligence devices

Covert spy voice recorders
Voice recorders 
Up to 6 months stand-by and 1050 hrs. recording. Tiny size, from 39x16x6,5 mm. See voice recorders...

Covert spy DVR
Video recorders
Up to 5 months stand-by and 20 hrs. videorecording. Tiny size, from 35x33x23mm. See DVRs...

Covert spy gps trackers without sim card
GPS trackers
Shadow GPS trackers for covert operations with Secure No-SIM technology. See GPS trackers...

Covert GSM bugs
GSM listening bugs
Long lasting GSM bugs. Weeks of battery life. Also with audio recording. See GSM listening bugs...

Covert spy cameras
WiFi 4G LTE cameras
Audio/video live streaming with internal SIM card on 4G LTE networks. See WiFi/4G cameras...

Other intelligence devices

Covert coms earpieces
Coms earpieces
Tiny earpieces for covert communications with live video broadcasting. See coms earpieces...

Bug detectors
Bug detectors
Bug sweeping and protection against eavesdroppings. See bug detectors...

Spy computer monitoring
Computer monitoring
Keystrokes recording on PC keyboards. See PC keyboard monitoring...

Covert spy gps loggers
GPS logging
Long lasting covert recording of trips and stops. See GPS loggers...

Covert spy wall listening devices
Wall listening devices
Wall contact & directional microphones. See wall contact mics...

Spy bugs
Audio bugs
Short range audio transmission. See audio bugs...

Spy video bugs
Video bugs
Short range video transmission. See video bugs...

Electronet Intelligence Solutions

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Purposes and consequences in the use of intelligence devices are intended in compliance with the laws of your country. Some uses could violate local laws and rules. Electronet disclaim all responsibility.

ELECTRONET Asiago Str. 22 41028 Serramazzoni (Modena) - Italy. Tel. +39 05361856240. Fax +39 05361851123.
VAT code IT 02811170360 - REA 333421 MODENA IT - Commerce licence 12/99 municipality of Pavullo (Modena) Italy - PEC address (certified mail): contact us.